HHCC as Concept and Idea

Historically, the idea of a HVACR Heritage Centre Canada [HHCC] was born of the late 1980’s. It was part of the excitement of the times, anticipating and preparing for a new century and millennium. There, new innovative things were seen as possible and, indeed were expected. Following several years of work by its Founding Committee, the “Centre” concept was given substance in 2004, with the formal establishment of the HVACR Heritage Centre Canada as a national NFP, charitable organization. Twenty years later, and with significant achievements to point to as a “start-up” venture, it’s ready to move into the “mainstream”.

The Organization’s 15th AGM and Board meeting, number 104, held December 10, 2018, were occasions to look back and look ahead on the successes, challenges, and promises of the Centre. In keeping with its “turn of the century and millennium” outlook, the concept and idea was of: “a 21st century, national museum and archive” with a difference, an “Industry Sponsored”, “Distributed” Organization, “Without Walls”. This pretty much describes what it looks like today – with artifact and archival collections storage, research, collections, and curatorial services, displays and exhibition, along with on-line, virtual program facilities widely distributed, as functionality, resources, economies, and opportunities dictate.