HHCC’s Essential Document Series

Essential Document No. 1: HHCC’s Founding Document, Final Report for HVACR Heritage Centre Canada, File 01-0034-TSC, Carter and Associates, HHCC doc No. HVACR Final Report – Jan 14, 2020.

Among other things this document details HHCC’s:

  • 2002 -2023 letters patent
  • General Operating Bylaw
  • The granting of charitable status
  • Corporate Operations Details

Essential Document No. 2: HVACR Heritage Centre Canada Draft Manual of Operations December 2003, first draft prepared by David W. Barr, Ph.D. for the Founding Committee, for the Establishment of a Museum and Archival Facilities for the Canadian, HVACR industry, the HVACR Heritage Centre Canada. Re-issued draft manual, April 2020. HHCC doc no. OA2003F.docx.

Among other things this document, when in fully operational,[1] will detail HHCC’s:

  • Vision/Mission/mandate
  • Needs and Objectives
  • Policies
  • Operating Systems, plans for: Income Management, Public Funding, Marketing, Business and Annual Operations

Essential Document No. 3: Executive Guide to HHCC’s Founding HVACR artifact collection, research program, and data base. HHCC doc no.  OA2007C

This document, key to meeting HHCC’s commitment to science-based research and collections management, following best 21st century practices in:

  • Identification, Recovery, and Conservation
  • Research Inquiry, Cultural Interpretation, and Data Base Development
  • Public Programming and Publications

Essential Document No. 4: Executive Guide to HHCC’s Founding Archival Collection of HVACR Trade and Technical Literature. HHCC doc no. OA2005B.docx

Similarly to 3 above, this document practices HHCC’s approach to archival collections research, documentation, indexing, and management – within the resources it has access to, including:

  • Deeds of Gift
  • Appraisal
  • Cataloguing
  • User Guides

Essential Document No. 5: Repositioning HHCC, moving from “Start-Up” to “Mainstream”, Helping to Tell the Many Stories of Canada’s Rich Heritage of Material Culture, An HHCC Strategic Planning and Development. doc no. OA1910G:

This 5th and last document in the HHCC’s Essential Document Series, anticipates the end of HHCC, as turn of the millennium start-up. It makes the case that HHCC is now ready to move into mainstream, building on its substantial body of practice and achievements, while looking for resources, partners and the strategic opportunities to do so:

  • HHCC achievements in coming to age
  • Its core work, principal assets, and future opportunities
  • Its Conditions for future success
  • Historic images of HHCC at work

[1] The board has, to-date,  not chosen in make use of this operations manual – as recommended.