HHCC’s “Stock-In-Trade”

Following from its uniqueness in concept and idea, its distinguishing characteristics, and business model, HHCC has, over the last 20 years, developed a unique 21st century “stock-in-trade”[1] [2]. Included are its:

  • Core concepts, key ideas, principles, practices, processes, and procedures developed, tested, and put into action over the last 20 years in speaking to its national mandate,
  • Storied collections of historic artifacts and archival materials held in public trust by HHCC, as a 21st century collections-based cultural organization [see File 18, vol. 1 to 4],
  • Extensive, well documented, research data base [See File 18, vol. 5 to7],
  • Wealth of storyboards developed as a base for its public programming [See File 19, vol. 2],
  • Interactive educational public websites [See File 19, vol. 1],
  • Virtual museum and archive [See File 17],
  • Specialized facilities and equipment developed and maintained by HHCC, including its warehouse[9] and archives, and data center[10],
  • Stock [research reports[11], catalogue sheets[12], education story boards[13], special event programming for public and industry,[14]
  • HHCC Data Centre[15] providing a comprehensive, strategic, and operational frame of reference in meeting the Organizations national commitments.

HHCC as concept and idea, born of special times, may yet well prove to be a “Camelot” of sorts. A kind of idyllic, mystical place and time, one which faded in the mist of time, over-taken by realities life and times. While that may well be HHCC’s fate, it’s not the one envisaged here.  For there is nothing mystical in its unique and distinguishing characteristics, business model, stock-in-trade, and accomplishments – all carefully planned and generated over close to 20 years, exploring what 21st century times require of us.

 [9] Warehouse facilities are currently limited to close pack [container storage], awaiting development of new facilities [See images of warehouse facilities, the “Centre At Work”, Attachment A. Coded tags for all artifacts are produced as part of the research and documentation process and attached to the research report [See Digital resources, Item 4 below], Artifacts are individually protected, boxed and labelled. Mapping of all box and large equipment for both standard warehouse and close-pack storage are included in File: 16, BK 11.

22 The Data Centre, developed and maintained by HHCC’s volunteer, Collections and Curatorial [CCS] , provides a comprehensive, cumulative account of HHCC work over 20 years, across 3 categories: Foundations, Organization, and Operations. See doc. OA2009E