HHCC’s Unique and Distinguishing Characteristics - “What It Is and Is Not” 

Over the years, keeping HHCC “on message” has sometimes proved more difficult then might have been imagined. While it may be able “to do this while doing that”, it must be clear as to what the core work of the Centre is and what it’s there for. Most importantly it must provide clear evidence of performance outcomes, congruent with its national letters patent - should HHCC be subject to such an audit.

At the outset, then, let’s be clear on what HHCC is not, helping, in turn, to clarify what it is responsible for under law:

  • It’s not an organization with an industry style economic development mandate - one expected to make money, show private profit, or promote the economic growth of the Industry.
  • Nor is it an organization with a community development focus – one focused on building relationship and common bonds amongst its adherents.
  • It’s not a fraternal organization - one in which members freely associate for mutually beneficial purposes.
  • It’s not a dedicated educational organization - one commitment to the intellectual, and skill development of its membership.
  • Similarly, it is not an organization intended to recognize and celebrate individual accomplishment and contribution - as for example a “Hall of Fame”.

Yet, there is a sense in which HHCC is all of these, while being about none of the above. So, what are HHCC’s essential, and distinguishing characteristics?

  • First and foremost, HHCC is about “Collections, Culture, and Consequence”. It’s, about how HVACR devices, equipment, and systems, one at a time, over the years, have inspired, and altered the lives of Canadians: how they think about themselves, what they do in the course of their day, their life’s expectations, and much more. For coming to understand social and cultural consequences of HVACR technology is the purpose for which HHCC exists, the purpose of its research and inquiry, its related studies, and its related public educational program commitments.

  • Not surprisingly then, HHCC’s is also a “Collections-Based Organization”. Its collections are its principal, distinguishing assets, the asset-base on which it builds, the source of its financial, as well as its cultural value, as the custodian of cultural property of national interest. Together its historic artifact and archival materials collections provide a solid platform for its research and inquiry, publication, and its programming requirements in meeting its objects as a charitable Canadian cultural organization. HHCC’s collections are also of value to the Associated Refrigeration Workers Local Union 787 [UA787], as a current, HHCC designated principal partner, in meeting its [the unions] commitments to the Industry in trade training, education, and professional development. 
  • HHCC is also a “Geographically Distributed Organization”, one “Without Walls”, making use of 21st century technology to link its various operating units together in a “Loosely Coupled System” - wherever they might be conveniently and economically located.

  • As well, HHCC is a “Partnering Organization”, achieving its objects through cooperation, collaboration, and coordination with others with similar objects.