Undertaking the Research

The large part of the research was undertaken by Oliver Associates[1] between 1999-2008. The collection of “Historic Artifacts of HVACR Technology”, consisting of 350 items, was prepared with an eye to meeting musicological gifting standards, pallet mounted, boxed [See picture], and labeled. Box labels were automatically generated as part of the research report. The collection was subsequently the subject of a gift-in-kind to HHCC. and moved to HHCC’s collections warehouse [see picture]. HHCC was subsequently granted access and use of the research data base [See memorandum of Understanding, Sept 28, 2020, doc OA2007E].

The research was guided by the understandings of the times of the nature of “material culture”, as concept, principle, and idea. For study purposes an elemental research paradigm was employed: “What it is; What it does; How it works; with What results; and with; What consequences for Canadian society and culture”.

The open-ended research process was guided by a 40-element data sheet. The research covered traditional tombstone data, with special reference to “significance” [Technological, Industrial, Socio-Economic, and Socio-cultural significance. See “Research Report Classification Management Information System”, doc. HVACR1705A.

[1] Leslie Oliver PhD, principal.  

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